Monday, March 23, 2009

Better than your Lover

He’s better than your lover, more insightful than your psychologist and a clairvoyant whose talents exceeds those of your pedestrian psychic. He’s knows what you lust for, what vulnerabilities you hide in the deception of your limbs and what your thinking, what you want even before you do. He can be none other than your sartorial soul mate, also known as your favorite designer. Alber Elbaz certainly knows what I want before I do because my wants always seems to be sauntering down his runway. His Fall 09 collection was elegant with something almost industrial about it. Almost as if he had weaved something savage in the lining of the dresses. In my opinion it’s just what our recession needs: investment pieces that have a touch of a mechanized strength. His biased cuts seems to embrace the body, protecting them from brutalities while the luscious materials leave them with a bit of vulnerability. Now tell me what lover/psychologist/psychic can do that?

Friday, March 20, 2009

FML: Bringing Out the Voyeur in All of Us

Maybe it’s just the lack of vacations or the fact that we are all anxiously waiting for our college acceptance/rejection letters but one way or another March seems to be an especially trying month for some of us. Imagine my relief when I came upon the site that celebrates Crapdom at it’s finest. Fmylife is a website that post daily anecdotes of other’s people’s lives. I guess it has the same appeal of Perez Hilton or tabloids. For reading other people’s unpleasant moments is strangely therapeutic. Yet people ask whether this type of behavior is healthy. Feeling suddenly "uplifted" after reading about someone who got dumped for not being more like Edward Cullen does seems a little off kilter. However unlike tabloids these anecdotes are not about some exalted celebrity they are about one of us. These narrations are about the plight of the common man, just in an entirely more self-deprecating and vacuous manner. And without the literary symbolism, obviously. But after a bad day we could all use the comic relief. I guess these stories makes us feel like we’re not alone, in a completely sadistic, voyeuristic way of course.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Wang's World (We're just living in it)

I find it quite interesting that in Kingdom of Hollywood we have “It girls” yet in the realm of Sartorial operations we have “It Boys.” We all remember the era of Marc Jacobs followed by performances from Zac Posen and Proenza Schouler. Yet now that these designers have graduated from student to teacher it’s Alexander Wang that’s filling their place. Which is why my mild obsession with Alexander Wang’s new diffusion line is so understandable, if not justified. It’s street chic, loose and effortless aesthetic speaks to the urbanite in all of us (even if we do live in suburbia). I mean how can you not feel a bit dangerous wearing something like this:

Let's just hope "It boy" ensembles don't make me pull a Lindsay and start dancing on tabletops.

The Aesthetes Lexicon

Museoteric (muse-o-teric): one who favors only esoteric forms of music; a music elitist who judges an acquaintance's worth based on their artists list on iTunes

Most people have at least met one Museoteric in their lifetime. They are an interesting species to be certain, with their own language and social structure. So naturally one must be fully equipped to fend off these predators in their natural habitat. Getting lost in a conversation about the comparison between MGMT and LCD sound system? Go to the bottom of the food chain. Can’t decipher their arcane terminology consisting of words like “Discography” and “Pre-New Wave?” Get ready for the pecking order. Don‘t have any Conor Oberst on your iTunes? Be prepared to be ostracized, Pariah Carey. In short, when you come across this breed of animal expect to be feel severely inferior/unoriginal. And you thought listening to Cold Play made you cool.

The Aesthetes Lexicon: Shedding Light on the Social Glossary One Word at a Time

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Roses for the centerpiece (of your outfit of course)

They say that beauty without virtue is like a rose without a scent. Well this Olivia Rose Collection necklace has both the beauty and the virtue of being surprising affordable for its handmaid and heirloom quality. Plus it's a lot more practical than a crystal vase and bowl of fake oranges.

And who said reading wasn't sexy?

If the last time you thought of science and sex in the same sentence was in 8th grade with your foxy biology teacher than your in for a pleasant (or pleasurable) surprise. Jena Pincott’s “Do Gentlemen really prefer Blondes: Bodies, Behaviors, and Brains- The Science Behind Sex Love and Attraction” uses biology, evolutionary psychology and neuroscience to answer all of our carnal questions in an easy to read format. Some of my personal favorite questions:
- Why when a couple first falls in love their brains are indistinguishable form those of the clinically insane?
- Are good dancers good in bed?
- How do the seasons affect our sex life?
In short Pincott uses science to shed light on what makes us tick sexually. One thing is for sure, I’ll never look out at a biology textbook the same way again.

Back from an exteneded Hiatus

After I created this blog I want to India for the summer and then got wrapped up in school. But now that I am back I hope I will be able to retain the very few readers I had gained and gain many more. If not, well I’ve always liked hearing myself talk.