Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Aesthetes Lexicon

Museoteric (muse-o-teric): one who favors only esoteric forms of music; a music elitist who judges an acquaintance's worth based on their artists list on iTunes

Most people have at least met one Museoteric in their lifetime. They are an interesting species to be certain, with their own language and social structure. So naturally one must be fully equipped to fend off these predators in their natural habitat. Getting lost in a conversation about the comparison between MGMT and LCD sound system? Go to the bottom of the food chain. Can’t decipher their arcane terminology consisting of words like “Discography” and “Pre-New Wave?” Get ready for the pecking order. Don‘t have any Conor Oberst on your iTunes? Be prepared to be ostracized, Pariah Carey. In short, when you come across this breed of animal expect to be feel severely inferior/unoriginal. And you thought listening to Cold Play made you cool.

The Aesthetes Lexicon: Shedding Light on the Social Glossary One Word at a Time

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ceceile teal said...

I don't care what you say . . listening to Coldplay does make me feel cool.