Friday, March 20, 2009

FML: Bringing Out the Voyeur in All of Us

Maybe it’s just the lack of vacations or the fact that we are all anxiously waiting for our college acceptance/rejection letters but one way or another March seems to be an especially trying month for some of us. Imagine my relief when I came upon the site that celebrates Crapdom at it’s finest. Fmylife is a website that post daily anecdotes of other’s people’s lives. I guess it has the same appeal of Perez Hilton or tabloids. For reading other people’s unpleasant moments is strangely therapeutic. Yet people ask whether this type of behavior is healthy. Feeling suddenly "uplifted" after reading about someone who got dumped for not being more like Edward Cullen does seems a little off kilter. However unlike tabloids these anecdotes are not about some exalted celebrity they are about one of us. These narrations are about the plight of the common man, just in an entirely more self-deprecating and vacuous manner. And without the literary symbolism, obviously. But after a bad day we could all use the comic relief. I guess these stories makes us feel like we’re not alone, in a completely sadistic, voyeuristic way of course.

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