Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fear Factor

I always find it funny/interesting when people reveal their fears. Some times their confessions are poignant but in most cases they're just downright bizarre. I don't know if this is because I am horribly insensitive or if it's because people tend not to reveal their truly frightening fears to a girl with a notebook. Here are some of the fears I was able to weasel out of people:

  • " Horses, they are like these reptilian dragons without wings."
  • " Mediocrity."
  • " Dumb people, I'm afraid about what they will do or say. It's embarrassing."
  • " Getting old. It's inevitable and really depressing to think about not existing."
  • "Compromising my integrity to do something I wouldn't have done in the first place."
  • "Doctors."
  • "Thinking I'm making the wrong choice. That I will hate school and my roommate. To think that your life could turn out completely different if you just make the other turn instead, but the thing is you don't know which turn is the right one to take."
  • "Becoming a suburban soccer mom."
  • "Bad dreams, it's like your mind has put you in this torture chamber and you are helpless to get out."
  • " Miss Hannigan, the orphanage owner from the movie Annie. For the longest time I thought she was going to steal me away from my parents."
  • "Not being able to get out of a bad trip."
  • "Rejection. Failure. Inadequacy."
  • "Animals attacking your face."
  • " Rita and Lord Zed from the Power Rangers."

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