Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Cup of Tea

I have no shame in admitting that I love the Target (or as I like to pronounce it the Tar-jay). And I am always on the lookout for their next Go International superstar. The past few Go International collections have I must admit been a disappointment. However I am excited to say that Richard Chai will be the next designer to throw his hat in the ring of mass market, affordable sportswear. Richard Chai, who has previously worked for the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand as well as starting is own eponymous line, is known for his minimalistic yet extremely tailored and sophisticated design. Chai's line will consist of tailored pieces such as long knit cardigans, color block dresses and georgette skirts. Judging from the photo of this plaid trench coat (does this coat remind you of Jenny from Gossip girl or is it just me?) Chai's Go International line will be just the cup of tea that we've all been yearning for.
His line is set to debut in early August. For a preview of more of his pieces for Target go to

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